Asset Re-Finance

  • Does your business need cash?
  • But your capital is already tied up in pre-owned assets?
  • Would you like to know how cash can be released quickly, without using traditional methods such as bank loans and overdrafts, often requiring property as security?
  • Have you considered asset re-finance? It’s a fast and simple way to raise cash against unencumbered business assets, such as plant or machinery, without the need (in most cases) for additional security.

Sound interesting?

Then get in touch with Cabot Asset Finance. We have the market knowledge and expertise to source innovative re-finance solutions, tailored to your needs. You can unlock the cash sitting in your business and at the same time have increased flexibility. It’s simple to arrange and, to help with budgeting, we can spread the cost of the finance over the economic life of the asset.

Asset re-finance will give your business the cash injection it needs now. You also get long-term control because the finance is not repayable on demand and you own the asset at the end of the financing period. The whole process can be completed in two weeks or less without the need for solicitors or complicated paperwork.

Re-financing assets releases cash into the business so that you can -

  • Reduce your overdraft
  • Refinance existing loans
  • Arrange additional capital to fund new contracts
  • Put down a deposit on a property purchase
  • Support expansion or acquisitions
  • Finance an MBO or MBI
  • Fund a phoenix company
  • Fund retirements

Cabot can re-finance most assets valued at £5,000 or over, with a working life of 5 years and upwards (with few exceptions, notably non-tangible assets, IT equipment, office furniture, air conditioning and CCTV). Assets we will re-finance include -

  • Cars and light commercial vehicles up to 4 years old
  • Other commercial vehicles, eg HGVs and coaches
  • Printing and print finishing equipment
  • Industrial plant and equipment
  • Engineering equipment, eg CNC-based items

How much can be raised?

  • Minimum advance £20,000
  • No upward limit (NB level of advance usually based on forced sale value of equipment, eg a write-down value of £100,000 may only attract an advance of £60,000, depending on how market value of item is holding up)

Why wait? For a confidential discussion about your requirements, contact us today!

Unsecured Loans up to a max of £350k Repayment terms from 6 months to 5 years No penalty for early settlement Settlement method one month’s interest No charge on property Directors PG’s mandatory
With over 20 years' experience of helping businesses large and small, Cabot Asset Finance act fast to find practical financial solutions that work for your business.

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