Cash Flow Funding

Cabot can help to fund cash flow in two main areas -


Factoring gives you early access to cash, based on your outstanding invoices. The main advantages are -

  • Improves cash flow by providing an immediate injection of money against the value of outstanding invoices
  • Reduces risk from bad debt
  • More cost-effective than overdrafts and loans
  • You retain control of collections
  • Saves time chasing invoices
  • Your business has an ongoing supply of cash that grows in line with your sales
  • Provides up to 90% of the value of outstanding invoices upfront. The remaining 10% is paid to you when your customers pay their invoices
  • Flexible - no lengthy contracts
  • Confidential service - your customers are unaware of the factoring company’s involvement

Invoice discounting

Invoice discounting improves your cash flow by providing cash against the value of outstanding invoices - similar to factoring. Additional features can include -

  • Funds advanced can be increased when a selection of assets is taken into consideration
  • We can provide funds against invoices, stock, plant, machinery, land and buildings. The exact mix of assets will depend on the strength of security offered
  • Confidential service - your customers are unaware of the invoice discounting company’s involvement

We will help your company access cash tied up in pending payments - contact us now to find out how we can get this cash released into your business. We can get a decision on invoice discounting or factoring for your business within a matter of hours.

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