Business Loan Services

When you need capital to grow your business, a loan may be the best option, either secured or unsecured. You might have a one-off requirement - like equipment purchase, staff acquisition, moving premises, a cash-flow injection. Or it might be something needed over the longer term - working capital, expanding the business, or rolling out a five-year plan.

With a wide range of loans and providers to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. At Cabot, we have extensive knowledge of the market, so we can save you time in getting the right loan on the best possible terms. 

Whatever the project - large or small – call Cabot now. We’ll give you indicative terms within minutes.

Unsecured Loans

  • Quick and easy way to get a cash injection for almost any purpose
  1. credit decision within 48 hours
  2. facility drawdown within 5-7 days
  • Borrow from £5k up to £350k over 6 months or up to 5 years
  • No charge on property
  • No penalty for early settlement 
  • Requires one month’s interest for settlement


  • Directors’ personal guarantees mandatory
  • Must have two years’ trading history
  • Underwriting based on latest accounts at Companies House
  • Accounts must show debt can be serviced
  • Clear company and director searches

Secured Loans

  • A great option if you need a large capital sum
  • Borrow from £25k up to £1m, over 3 months or up to 10 years
  • Flexible – no need to re-arrange funding if a longer term is required
  • 6-month bridge - when loan period is up, either pay interest accrued over the period or convert loan to fixed-term repayment facility 
  • Interest charged at 1.5% for first 6 months
  • Repay bridge interest without penalty in month 6
  • Loan automatically converts to a term loan in month 7


  • Must be secured against commercial or residential property
  • Loans are given subject to property valuation

All loans are subject to credit approval

What Next?

Contact Cabot now to arrange the right type of loan for your business fast, or to review your existing arrangements!

  • Indicative terms within minutes
  • Hassle-free service 
  • No hidden fees


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With over 35 years' experience of helping businesses large and small, Cabot Asset Finance act fast to find practical financial solutions that work for your business.

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