Who do we help?

If you are running a business and need finance – Cabot is your answer.

Our scope covers –

  • All types of business from sole traders to large corporate organisations
  • All of the UK including Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
  • Turnovers from less than £30,000 to £20 million plus
  • Deal sizes from £10,000 to £5 million or over
  • Any moveable asset from helicopters to software
  • Non-standard and intangible equipment
  • Acquisitions, MBOs, MBIs, phoenix companies
  • Businesses with adverse profiles (eg poor accounts, CCJs)

Start-Up Businesses

We all know how difficult it can be to build up a decent cash flow, especially from start-up. Cabot helps new businesses release cash into the business through invoice discounting or factoring and also arranges funding for capital expenditure, eg IT equipment or vans. Contact us to discuss your needs.

SME Businesses

As a growing business you need to invest to accumulate. Too often, money is tied up in depreciating assets. Cabot arranges the re-financing of existing assets or the financing of new assets, from agricultural machinery to truck fleets, spreading the cost over several years and protecting working capital. Contact us to discuss.

Large Corporates

The major banks and large finance houses can’t always be counted on when you need their support. Perhaps you are extending your factory premises and need a large sum to complete the work. The bank won’t lend any more. Cabot will come up with innovative options, often non-traditional, which are just as competitive as high street sources, and enable you to complete your project. Contact us to find out more.

Acquisitions, MBOs, MBIs

Large corporate finance houses are often only concerned with ‘big buck’ transactions. Cabot will get funding for company acquisitions at any level, and can put together large cash sums to finance MBOs, MBIs, or to fund the departure of retiring directors.
Contact us to talk about your plans.

Unsecured Loans up to a max of £350k Repayment terms from 6 months to 5 years No penalty for early settlement Settlement method one month’s interest No charge on property Directors PG’s mandatory
With over 20 years' experience of helping businesses large and small, Cabot Asset Finance act fast to find practical financial solutions that work for your business.

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